New callsign and flightnumbering system

posted by Hardy Klein on 2021-04-03

With the introduction of the fixed wing section it is necessary to change the flight numbering scheme as follows:
- We introduce a new three letter airline code 'GRS' and a callsign prefix 'Global Rescue'.
- Your personal callsign for a charter or helicopter ambulance flight is build out of the callsign prefix and your VAAS number omitting the leading zeros. E.g. 'GRS64' promounced 'Global rescue 6 4'.
- In case of a scheduled flight you need to use the flight number instead of your VAAS number: 'GRSEG42' pronounced 'Global rescue echo golf 4 2'.
- Manual pireps are helicopter ambulance flights and need to be filed with your personal callsign as flight number
- For fixed wing charters you need fill your personal callsign into vaBase ACARS Flight No field.
- For scheduled flights, the vaBase ACARS Flight No field is auomatically filled with the correct flightnumber.

We encourage all our pilots to fly online on VATSIM or IVAO to spread the news that VAAS is the place to go when looking for a virtual airline performing medical support flights around the world using helcopters or smaller fixed wing aircraft.

When doing emergency ambulance flights online there might be a predefined callsign in your country that you need to use. E.g. 'CHR - Christoph' followed by a number in Germany. Please use this callsign as flight number in your manual pirep instead of the GRS based.
When doing a scheduled flight, which is most likely an IFR flight, pleas use the GRS callsign at VASTIM or IVAO.
Since we ar not a VATSIM or IVAO registered virtual airline at the moment, ATC won't know which callsign refers to GRS. To help them, pleas don't for get to add 'CS/GLOBALRESCUE' to the remarks section of your pilot client.