********** IMPORTANT UPDATE - VAAS GLOBAL ************

posted by Karl Hughes on 2021-04-05

Hello all,

The VAAS structure had become very large with national bases spread all over and a fleet page that matched.

The new VAAS structure is now simplified into three Global Services, which are:

VAAS Global Helimed ( Rotary )

VAAS Global SAR (Rotary )

VAAS Global MedEvac ( Fixed Wing )

The countries we cover at this time are listed each fleet listing.

Because there are no restrictions on what you fly or where you fly, the Global identity is more suited to what we are.

Everyone at this time is assigned to the VAAS Global Helimed Service by default. Depending on what type of flying you enjoy the most, this should dictate which of the three services listed above is your primary choice. Please message me if you would like to transfer to VAAS Global SAR or VAAS Global MedEvac.

The fleet page will now show the VAAS aircraft types that we use in the three services and again, any of these aircraft can be flown by VAAS Pilots no matter which service you relate to.

Unfortunately VAAS Base Commander roles have been scrapped, but there are vacancies for VAAS Global Helimed, SAR and MedEvac commanders.

I hope this makes the VAAS structure easier to understand, and with VAAS Global MedEvac Fixed Wing Operations coming online in the near future I hope you enjoy the wide variety of flying available to all VAAS Pilots.

Stay safe and good luck - Karl Hughes