posted by Karl Hughes on 2021-06-21


I have started suspending accounts of Pilots who have not flown in the last 3 months, and if there is no reply to my personal e-mail after a further 14 days, the Pilot will be deleted from the roster.

This will give us all a true picture of VAAS Pilot activity, which in turn will dictate whether VAAS can apply for membership to VATSIM.

At this time with just 8 active pilots it does not look good for any application.

Of course I understand real world comes well before flight simming does, but we need to be realistic in how active VAAS actually is.

The active Pilot roster currently stands at 63, but it will reduce each day as I suspend inactive accounts that have become 3 months old, until only active accounts remain.

Thank-you to all the members who do actively fly, I appreciate your time and committment, but I know the true reality of Virtual Airlines activity is much different than a large Pilot roster would suggest, so please bear with me while I monitor activity and ask all members to confirm they wish to remain a member of VAAS.

Stay safe and best regards - Karl.