posted by Karl Hughes on 2021-06-24

Hi all,
Having sent out a number of e-mails to VAAS pilots who have not flown within 3 months of joining, one of the main reasons is that some members do not know what a Pirep is ......

A Pirep is a Pilot Report.

After you have flown a flight in any of the aircraft in the VAAS fleet, you simply log onto the VAAS website using your e-mail and password and left click on your name in the top header, which gives you a drop down menu of choices.

If you left click on Manual Pirep, which is the third choice from the bottom, you can then manually enter your flight details, then click on Submit Pirep and the flight will be recorded in your logbook.

I hope this helps and you manage to record a flight if you have been struggling ..

Fixed wing flights can be recorded using the VABase ACARS program, which can be obtained from the downloads page of the VAAS website, with a recent update making it suitable for helicopter flights.

Stay safe and good luck - Karl.