VAAS News November 2021

posted by Karl Hughes on 2021-11-03

VAAS has 96 registered pilots, thank-you to all the current members for making VAAS a continued success.

The Website is stable, if anyone finds any issues please let me know.

Updates have been made to VaBase ACARS helicopter flight recording, which is now working for most flights, but there may be issues regarding non ICAO locations, such as small heliports / airfields.

There are no issues with fixed wing flights and numerous members use the system.

Discord is available for all members to use.

Please contact me if you think a particular airframe needs adding to the fleet, with some reasoning why and I will endevour to add it.

The application to VATSIM to become a Special Ops VA is still on hold until activity picks up, as this is one of the main requirements.

The November 2021 Franchise is VAAS Global Egypt, main base HESH, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport .... please enjoy the new area of Operations, which will give us VAAS MedEvac coverage in this very busy tourist destination.

If anyone has any issues on the use of the HRM mod in XP-11, please post up on the Discord chatroom, as there are plenty of members who can help you to get up and running, and I have posted up a recent video tutorial to assist you.

Please try and make at least one flight each 3 calendar months to remain active.

I have just renewed the subscriptions for VA Base and Website Hosting which costs £80 annually. If anyone wishes to make a donation to help with next years subscriptions please send it via PAYPAL to -, where any amount, no matter how small will be solely used for next years hosting fees.

For now then, that is all, please stay safe and keep VAAS flying high , best regards - Karl Hughes.