VAAS News - June 2022

posted by Karl Hughes on 2022-05-16

Apologies for the late news article, I have been away touring on my motorbike whilst the weather is good in the UK.

VAAS now has 163 registered pilots, a massive thank-you to all members for making VAAS a continued success.

The Website is stable, if anyone finds any issues please let me know.

Updates have been made to VaBase ACARS helicopter flight recording, which is now working for most flights, but there may be issues regarding non ICAO locations, such as small heliports / airfields.

There are no issues with fixed wing flights.

Discord is available for all members to use, with both text and voice channels available for your use. Members are asked to post in the most suitable channel available.
If anyone needs the link to discord please just message me.

Please contact me if you think a particular airframe needs adding to the fleet, with some reasoning why and I will look to add it.

Our IVAO Coordinator, Julien Chabbey has been keeping us all updated on all things relating to IVAO, so please ask him any questions you have and consider flying on the IVAO network whenever you are able, I am sure they will be pleased to see VAAS pilots doing their duty. Julien has already mentioned that VAAS is becoming known at IVAO.

In order to provide more reasons to fly I have decided to introduce VAAS Operations in interesting areas of the world.

The first one is Operation Isle Of Man, as the current Isle Of Man TT is in full flow. VAAS fixed wing aircraft and helicopters are stationed at EGNS Isle Of Man Airport and will be tasked to carry out the following 3 types of flight:

1. Repatriation flights of injured patients to their home base airports, using the flight prefix REP.
2. Medical Equipment flights to and from EGNS, using the flight prefix MEF.
3. Medical Staff flights to and from EGNS, using the prefix MSF.

Flight numbers will begin from 001 for each flight type, eg REP001, for admin purposes.

Flight requests will appear in the discord Operation Isle Of Man channel and pilots can book the flight by posting on that page, eg VAAS001 taking REP001. Remember to return to your departure airport following completion of the requested flight in order to take another sortie.

Then simply fly the sortie and submit a Pirep or VABase ACARS flight report and I will delete the original flight from the request page.

I hope this can provide some interest, and new operations will be launched every couple of months around the world.

If anyone has any issues on the use of the HRM mod in XP-11, please post up on the Discord chatroom, as there are plenty of members who can help you to get up and running, and I have posted up a couple of recent video tutorials to assist you in getting set up.

After a full 12 months of inactivity, I will e-mail the pilot in question and give them 14 days to record a flight, otherwise they will be deleted from the roster. I hope you agree this is ample time to get involved with VAAS activities and should leave no cause for complaint. This process is ongoing at this time.

I have recently launched a VAAS Patreon page where monthly donations can be made to assist with the running costs of VAAS. This payment can be stopped and started as you see fit and is for those of you who do not like Paypal. All funds raised will be solely used for next years hosting fees.

I have also opened the VAAS Merchandise store, where you can design and receive custom garments and accessories. Again any profits from purchases made will go towards funding the VA Base and website hosting fees for 2023. The merch link is here:

For now then, that is all, please stay safe and keep VAAS flying high , best regards - Karl Hughes.