Flight Report

Flight Date
06 Sep 2023 15:09 UTC
Review Status
Flight Number
Departure ICAO
Arrival ICAO
Bell 407 - Infinity Airways
Fuel Used
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Flight Duration
Performance Score
Landing Rate
Flight Type
ACARS flight.

Skill Analysis (95%)

Stall Detected
Crash Detected
Landing Lights Below 10k
Landing Lights Above 10k
Overspeed / Stress Detected
Taxi Overspeed
Overspeed below 10k
Beacon Off Engine On
Slew Detected
Pause Detected

Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -106fpm)

Take-off G-Force
Rotate Speed
Rotate Pitch
Rotate Bank
Gear-up Speed
Gear-up Altitude
Take-Off Winds
TAT Departure/Arrival
Touch-down G-Force
Touch-down Speed
Touch-down Pitch
Touch-down Bank
Gear-down Speed
Gear-down Altitude
Landing Winds
Touch-Down Spoilers Deployed

Flight Log

[14:46:36utc] You have successfully logged in Frank Nillies.
[14:51:13utc] Your flight to WADY has now been started.
[14:51:14utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[14:51:23utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[14:53:00utc] Starting engine(s)
[14:54:08utc] Departing WADE, IAS 7kt, G-force 1.01g, pitch -8.43deg, bank 1.35deg, VS 18fpm, HDG 141deg
[14:54:17utc] Aircraft at 80ft, IAS 6kt, GS 2kt, HDG 147deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 189/10kt
[14:54:50utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 42kt, GS 45kt, VS 616fpm, ALT 670ft, PITCH 8.05deg, HDG 212deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 215/12kt
[14:56:33utc] Aircraft at 1440ft, IAS 97kt, GS 99kt, HDG 246deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 168/12kt
[14:56:36utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 98kt, GS 99kt, VS 76fpm, ALT 1440ft, PITCH -1.25deg, HDG 242deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 164/12kt
[14:56:43utc] Aircraft at 1450ft, IAS 98kt, GS 99kt, HDG 234deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 166/12kt
[14:56:45utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 99kt, GS 99kt, VS 79fpm, ALT 1450ft, PITCH -1.45deg, HDG 234deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 169/12kt
[14:57:16utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1290ft, IAS 113kt, GS 117kt, HDG 195deg, VS -2641fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 173/11kt
[14:57:28utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 96kt, GS 84kt, VS 881fpm, ALT 1490ft, PITCH 5.68deg, HDG 174deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 181/11kt
[14:57:55utc] Aircraft at 1360ft, IAS 62kt, GS 66kt, HDG 208deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 189/11kt
[14:57:56utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1360ft, IAS 65kt, GS 68kt, HDG 214deg, VS -88fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 190/11kt
[14:58:05utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 79kt, GS 72kt, VS 403fpm, ALT 1400ft, PITCH -5.98deg, HDG 223deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 189/13kt
[14:58:45utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1650ft, IAS 92kt, GS 93kt, HDG 215deg, VS -230fpm, TAT 23deg, WIND 152/14kt
[14:59:21utc] Aircraft at 1460ft, IAS 88kt, GS 84kt, HDG 219deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 156/13kt
[14:59:22utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 87kt, GS 84kt, VS 77fpm, ALT 1470ft, PITCH -4.13deg, HDG 221deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 155/13kt
[14:59:54utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1580ft, IAS 72kt, GS 72kt, HDG 227deg, VS -205fpm, TAT 23deg, WIND 165/10kt
[15:00:06utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 71kt, GS 70kt, VS 169fpm, ALT 1610ft, PITCH 2.96deg, HDG 226deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 165/11kt
[15:00:28utc] Aircraft at 1640ft, IAS 72kt, GS 74kt, HDG 224deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 146/12kt
[15:00:44utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 70kt, GS 74kt, VS 501fpm, ALT 1730ft, PITCH -3.9deg, HDG 228deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 135/13kt
[15:01:11utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1810ft, IAS 80kt, GS 86kt, HDG 240deg, VS -104fpm, TAT 22deg, WIND 152/11kt
[15:01:14utc] Aircraft at 1810ft, IAS 81kt, GS 86kt, HDG 239deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 154/11kt
[15:01:18utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1780ft, IAS 84kt, GS 89kt, HDG 232deg, VS -647fpm, TAT 22deg, WIND 154/12kt
[15:01:34utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 81kt, GS 78kt, VS 525fpm, ALT 1800ft, PITCH -2.6deg, HDG 228deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 155/13kt
[15:01:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1770ft, IAS 81kt, GS 84kt, HDG 237deg, VS -281fpm, TAT 22deg, WIND 169/12kt
[15:02:26utc] Aircraft at 1610ft, IAS 92kt, GS 97kt, HDG 257deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 163/16kt
[15:02:44utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1610ft, IAS 86kt, GS 91kt, HDG 252deg, VS -80fpm, TAT 23deg, WIND 160/12kt
[15:03:51utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 101kt, GS 97kt, VS 458fpm, ALT 1060ft, PITCH -0.99deg, HDG 241deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 208/6kt
[15:04:39utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1160ft, IAS 102kt, GS 105kt, HDG 227deg, VS -485fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 171/8kt
[15:05:22utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 95kt, GS 80kt, VS 2083fpm, ALT 860ft, PITCH -8.06deg, HDG 253deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 212/5kt
[15:05:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 850ft, IAS 99kt, GS 103kt, HDG 241deg, VS -815fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 199/7kt
[15:05:49utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 109kt, GS 105kt, VS 519fpm, ALT 890ft, PITCH -0.12deg, HDG 230deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 191/8kt
[15:06:17utc] Aircraft at 1130ft, IAS 105kt, GS 105kt, HDG 226deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 178/8kt
[15:06:25utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1060ft, IAS 107kt, GS 103kt, HDG 221deg, VS -475fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 183/8kt
[15:06:36utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 95kt, GS 89kt, VS 333fpm, ALT 1110ft, PITCH -3.27deg, HDG 222deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 182/9kt
[15:06:49utc] Aircraft at 1090ft, IAS 86kt, GS 80kt, HDG 223deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 186/7kt
[15:06:56utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1120ft, IAS 78kt, GS 74kt, HDG 222deg, VS -93fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 202/7kt
[15:07:13utc] Aircraft at 1090ft, IAS 72kt, GS 70kt, HDG 221deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 199/6kt
[15:07:23utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1020ft, IAS 68kt, GS 62kt, HDG 218deg, VS -435fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 202/7kt
[15:08:40utc] Aircraft at 620ft, IAS 55kt, GS 52kt, HDG 208deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 212/3kt
[15:08:49utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 530ft, IAS 52kt, GS 49kt, HDG 202deg, VS -908fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 209/6kt
[15:09:38utc] Aircraft at 230ft, IAS 19kt, GS 14kt, HDG 194deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 193/4kt
[15:09:41utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 230ft, IAS 19kt, GS 16kt, HDG 194deg, VS -86fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 193/4kt
[15:10:02utc] Aircraft at 200ft, IAS 14kt, GS 12kt, HDG 196deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 183/4kt
[15:10:13utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 170ft, IAS 14kt, GS 8kt, HDG 195deg, VS -121fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 183/5kt
[15:10:54utc] Aircraft at 110ft, IAS 9kt, GS 6kt, HDG 198deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 184/6kt
[15:11:06utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 90ft, IAS 6kt, GS 2kt, HDG 199deg, VS -100fpm, TAT 24deg, WIND 184/5kt
[15:11:08utc] Landed with a landing rate of -106fpm, touchdown speed 6kt, G-force 0.99g, pitch -1.85deg, bank 1.98deg
[15:11:08utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[15:11:47utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[15:11:47utc] Aircraft parked