Meet the team

The admin team will do everything they can to make the day to day running of VAAS as smooth and professional as is possible. Please contact any VAAS staff member if you have any questions, concerns or technical issues. The VAAS discord server is available at all time for both text and verbal discussions.

Karl Hughes

VAAS Global Commander

In command of day to day running of VAAS.

Davin Crawford

VAAS Global SAR Commander


In charge of the day to day running of VAAS Global SAR Operations.

Julien Chabbey

VAAS Heavy Lift and IVAO Coordinator


Responsible for the VAAS heavy lift fleet and operations on the IVAO network.

Josef Petschovsky

VAAS Livery Design Manager ( X-Plane)


Responsible for the design and painting of the VAAS X-Plane Fleet.